How to Make Your Business (Listing) Rich

What exactly is a rich listing? Rich listings don’t mean you’ll be wealthy…although the whole purpose of rich listings is to increase engagement and customers to get more business--so maybe it will make you rich, eventually. Every business has an online listing. The difference between a basic and a rich listing is the amount of information, content, and links in the listing. Essentially, the more content, or the richer the listing, the greater the consumer engagement and potential business exposure.

The 14 Elements of a Rich Listing

Each of these elements increase the searches, views, and Yelp views that a business receives. However, different elements are more pertinent to some businesses than others. For example, only a restaurant would have a menu. Nevertheless, the more fields you fill out, the more impact they have on your listing.

Impact of Rich Listings

Yext performed a three-month long Comparative Listings Study to see how each of these elements impacted the number of views businesses received. The chart below shows the percentage increase in views a business received by having each element in their listing.

According to Yext, a website is the most impactful element. Generally, the consumer’s next step after reading or hearing reviews is to visit the company’s website for more information. Logos, menus, and hours also have a positive impact on how many views a business listing will receive.

Overall, the study found that a listing with 14/14 fields complete received 347% more searches, 214% more Yelp page views, and 416% more listing views. Simple things like adding all these fields to a business listing can attract more consumers. Rich business listings are the low-hanging fruit of generating online and in-store traffic.

Implement Rich Listings Across Every Platform

Creating and publishing a content rich listing is easy with Jump. With our software, each of these fields are customizable and easily updated across Google, Yelp, Facebook  and 65+ online directories and platforms.

We strive to empower small business owners. Our software allows you to maximize your business presence online so that you can focus on the important day to day decisions. See how we can help you create rich listings and do more online today!

As a small business owner, I need all the support I can get to compete with the big dogs. Jump has given that support.  I am a fan of simplicity and their product is simple! I love it!

Jason Mackay, CEO @ Hidden Valley Eye Care

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